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SIO is the pronunciation of salt in Japanese.
As of salt to be used in cooking, we would like to contribute our customers.
Even though it is inconspicuous, salt is indispensable to any dish.
It plays an important role to completely change the taste of cooking in its usage.
Like salt used for cooking, SIO also want to be with customers.
I put such thoughts in company name

SIO continues to have such a corporate philosophy and continues to pursue technologies that will thoroughly improve the performance of machine tools that can contribute at machining sites.

SIO technology is centered on SIO, a working fluid shearing device born from processing know-how cultivated by experienced technical staff with industry experience of more than 20 years.

In August of 2016, SIO received approval of support products of Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Public Corporation's New Market Development Support Project, and further approval of Hachioji City Small Business New Product Development Accreditation System.

For maintain the level of this core technology, SIO is building a collaboration system with many partner companies. For example, machine tool manufacturers have installed cutting-edge machines at secret base and are conducting R & D to realize significant performance improvement through collaboration with SIO.

As a development from its own perspective, SIO has completed an automatic control system that can craft craftsmanship technology software and stick to processing results. Partner companies also cooperated in this development. This technology is subsidized by the Monodukuri Support Project in 2015 as well.

At the secret base provided these unique technologies that will be useful at the machining site. Waiting for your infiltration.

SIO Co., Ltd. Masuhiko Komazawa President and CEO


About us

Company Name SIO CO., LTD
Established August 14, 2008
Capital 3,000,000 yen
President Representative Director Masuhiko Komazawa
Products Working fluid shearing device SIO
Automatic control processing system
Auto Balancer
Porous Chuck
Cyclone system Microfiltration device

Admin Base

21-12 Ikeda Bld.2F Yokoyamacho Hachioji-shi Tokyo 192-0081 Japan
Tel +81 42 649 2770 Fax +81 42 649 2660

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Secret Base

1236 Miyamacho Hachioji-shi Tokyo 192-0152 Japan
Tel +81 42 659 1886 Fax +81 42 659 1856
E-mail: info@sio-miu.co.jp

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Questions and consultations are available, please feel free to contact us.

SIO Co., Ltd.

SIO Co., Ltd.

1236 Miyama Cho Hachioji Shi Tokyo 192-0152 Japan

Tel +81 42 659 1886

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