Porous Chuck

Vacuum suction fixing device Porous Chuck

Porous Chuck


Porous Chuck

It is impossible to release a Porous Chuck of a vacuum suction fixed type once it is used. Unlike traditional vacuum and magnet type chuck, it can be used for anything regardless of the work size or material.

Porous Chuck for machine tool

Porous Chuck for machine tool

It is a porous chuck of the vacuum adsorption type which fixes the workpiece tightly by the negative pressure of the vacuum through porous.
As well as being able to easily securely fix small, extremely thin, long work pieces that had been struggling until now, it also supports nonmagnetic materials, so it will be a great success in grinding various materials.

  • Customizable

    Customize the size and shape according to the work, you can also use it in conjunction. The particle size of the porous can also be selected according to the application.

  • Easy to eliminate clogging

    At the end of the work, clogging can be easily solved by simply switching the vacuum to blow.

  • Grinding of suction surface itself is possible

    Grinding of the porous surface itself is possible, so maintenance and adjustment of the adsorption surface can be done easily.

  • It corresponds to all works

    It can easily adsorb and fix non-magnetic material (aluminum · SUS · resin), small work, long sized work which had been struggling so far easily.

  • No deformation due to heat of processing

    Since the porous is made of ceramic and the base is made of granite, there is no deformation and heat transfer due to processing heat.

  • Improvement of working efficiency

    The work efficiency can be greatly improved because detachment and adjustment of troublesome work can be carried out very smoothly.



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