Sniper Nozzle

Sniper Nozzle

Sniper Nozzle


By simply connecting the Sniper Nozzle to the tip of the coolant hose, the concentration and uniformity of the coolant is greatly enhanced, leading to a radical improvement in productivity as well as surface finish quality.
This product can be selected according to size such as grinding wheel width, drill diameter and so on.

  • Increase cutting depth and
    reduce machining time
  • Reduce tool damage and
    extend tool life

Features of sniper nozzle

Easily installed on a machine tool’s existing coolant hose.
It can be used for various machine tools such as surface grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, machining center, NC lathe and so on.
Uniformly distribute the optimal amount of coolant to the target process point.
The coolant is pressurized according to a precisely calculated internal structure and evenly takes aim at the target point in the process.
The most suitable Sniper Nozzle is selected according to the width of the grinding wheel and the diameter of the drill to achieve best process results.

Effect of Sniper Nozzle

The rectified water discharged from the sniper nozzle is superior in concentration, uniformity, momentum, reliably catching the processing point and demonstrates 100% cooling and cleaning ability. Processing speed and quality are far superior to conventional machining.













JF-10 36 23 84 25 3/8 Number of holes 6 /
Grinding wheel width 10mm or less
JF-15 36 22 84 25 3/8 Number of holes 8 /
Grinding wheel width 15mm or less
JF-25 36 30 84 25 3/8 Number of holes 12 /
Grinding wheel width 25mm or less
JF-40 56 52 93 32 1/2 Number of holes 19 /
Grinding wheel width 40mm or less
JF-50 73 67 94 32 1/2 Number of holes 23 /
Grinding wheel width 52mm or less
JF-100 128 119 94 32 1/2 Number of holes 43 /
Grinding wheel width 100mm or less
JF-150 178 173 94 32 1/2 x2 Number of holes 64 /
Grinding wheel width 150mm or less
Machining Center
JF-12MC 37 Φ12 (100) 25 3/8  
JF-12MC 37 Φ12 (100) 25 3/8  

* Specifications subject to change. This specification is as of September 1, 2018.

SIO First Kit

Prepared SIO First Kit as a trial version that Sniper nozzle and SIO can be easily installed.

Includes: SNIPER NOZZLE JF - 10 + SIO Trial Version + Coolant Hose



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